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Finished a book

I’ve never liked to have two books in progress at one time.  I can’t keep them straight; they distract me from one another.  I keep waiting for a character from one book to show up in the other.  So, I much prefer finishing one book before I start another.  I think that’s one of the (many!) reasons that this last year has been challenging for me.  With the house hanging over me, it’s been like an unfinished book.  I’m halfway through the next book, but still had to keep going back to the last chapter in the other book to deal with house stuff.  It’s been a distraction.

Well, this morning I finished the last chapter of the book that was my former life.  The keys to my house now belong to someone else.  A lovely young couple, who are very excited about their new adventure, now own it.  I wish them all the best.  I hope they grow to love the funny sound the ductwork in the master bedroom floor makes as much as I did.

Settlement went very smoothly, up until the blubbering like a baby part.  What?  That’s not what everyone does when they sell a house?  Yeah, well, I did.  I loved that house and was very happy there.   I was thinking about it on the drive home.  I realized that having the house, while a distraction and something of a drag, was also a safety net for me.  If this whole grad school/career change thing didn’t work out, I could always move back and find a regular job and fall back on that.  Now, I’m flying without a net.  Gulp.

Although, now that I’ve finished one of the two years of my program, I think it might actually work out.  At least the grad school thing – the actual career change part remains to be seen.  I’ve very happy to have the first year successfully under my belt.  It gives me a little more confidence heading into the second year, which will be busier and tougher.  But that’s 12 weeks away.  I have almost 3 months to enjoy in the meantime!  I have some projects cooking for the summer, which I promise I’ll fill you in on soon.

Book One – The End.


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