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Yeah, so sorry about not posting for so long.  It’s been a really busy term and it’s not even halfway done.

The last couple of weeks have really driven home how different my life is now.  I’m taking a Wildlife Research Techniques course, which involves an outdoor lab and, lately, a LOT of field work in the woods.  I’ve been tramping through the woods in the pre-dawn darkness, in the pouring down rain, at twilight, by myself and with others.  Last Thursday at dawn, I was with another student, walking transect lines in the pouring down rain, soaked to the skin and freezing cold.  I had a thought about sitting in my office at the old company and giggled to myself.  Not because I loved the conditions I was in, but because things are so different now.  I will admit to a tiny bit of wishing that I was in a nice, warm, cozy office, but then I remembered the knot I’d get in my stomach every morning.  I’d still rather have a bit of anxiety about being by myself in the woods in the dark than the anxiety I had constantly at work.  At least with the field work, there’s a specific goal and once it’s done, for a little while you can bask in the glow of having survived it.

In other news, my volunteer work at the bird clinic is going well.  I’m learning tons and getting to know some really awesome people.  I’ve been asked to take the next step and start doing more medical-type treatments, as opposed to just cleaning and feeding.  I’m excited about it – I thought I’d have to wait a year to get the chance to train for that.  This week, I got to hold a red-tailed hawk so he could get meds (he was very good about it).  I also got to catch and carry a snow goose, so she could go for a controlled swim in the soaking tub (she was not in the least bit grateful).  I also had a “we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment when I was cleaning the big rock dove (aka pigeon) cage and got caught talking to the pigeons.  One of them was eyeing the door that had swung open and I was telling him not to even think about it.  I heard someone laughing and realized that one of the staff had overheard me.  Blush.  She did have the grace to tell me that everyone talks to them (even though technically, we’re not supposed to) and it’s only a problem if they start talking back to you!

So, very little similarity to my corporate life these days.  And that’s a very good thing.

(p.s.  I’m looking for a volunteer gig with the Philly office of the EPA or National Park Service this summer.  Anyone know anyone in either of those offices or know someone who might know someone?  I come with 30 years’ experience in a lot of things and I’m free!)


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