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One down, three to go

My first semester of grad school has come to a close.  Three more semesters to go.  I handed in my final papers yesterday and the only thing left is to find out what my grades are (gulp!).  Next term should be fun and even more work.  I’m taking a couple of wildlife-related classes and an environmental policy course, so they’re all up my alley.  But that’s not for a couple of months.  I have 8 weeks off and I’m going to enjoy every minute of them!  It’s probably the longest break I’ll get until I retire for real.

I started a couple of new volunteer gigs.  There’s a bird rescue near me and I work there a couple of mornings a month.  I get to help take care of all kinds of birds, from little chickadees to bald eagles.  Very cool.  I also started helping out with an organization that transfers pets from shelters in the South to rescue groups in the North.  Each driver picks them up and drives them about 60 miles north, then hands them off to the next driver in the “train.”  There are a lot of kill shelters in the south and not enough dogs available for adoption in the north, so this group helps to get them to the right places, saving both the pets and the humans who get them.  I did my first run last weekend and met the two sweetest dogs.  Whoever their new families are, they’re very lucky people.

A year ago today was my last day in the office.  A year.  Can you believe it?  I was in the throes of panic about taking the GREs and still pretty clueless about what I was going to do.  So much has happened since then.   My nephew got married, my mom got sick, my niece had a baby, I moved, started school, helped raise a whole bunch of babies and learned a helluva lot about myself.  Certainly not my average run-of-the-mill boring year.

I’m hoping for a normal, run-of-the-mill Christmas.  Excitement is overrated.  I just want to play Christmas music, bake cookies, wrap gifts, enjoy the tree (that I wasn’t going to put up, but decided to anyway and am very happy I did) and generally hang around, enjoying my family and eating too much.  I’ll think about the next couple of years later.  They certainly promise not to be ordinary.


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