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I saw my furry babies for the last time this past week.  Sniff.  They’re off soon to start living the rest of their lives, just as they’re supposed to. My last visit with them was very special because they were just so affectionate and curious and mischievous – all the things I love about baby raccoons.  One of them tried to pick my pocket and another one decided that my hair really needed his attention.  Another thought my lap would be a good place to hang out until she saw something shiny and climbed up my arm to hang out on the wire cage wall.  Nothing makes me giggle quite like their antics.

It makes me really look forward to getting into a line of work where their welfare and that of all their furry and feathered brethren is the primary goal.  Critters are pretty fragile and humans have more impact on them than anything.  We really have to figure out how to keep our activities from endangering them.  I know it can be done and I know there are people working on it.  I can’t wait to be one of them.

And in case you’d like a little furry entertainment, here are the 3 babies mentioned above.  Goodbye kids and good luck!  Stay away from dogs, people you don’t know and funny-looking metal things on the ground that can clamp down on your foot!


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