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Home sellers have a love/hate relationship with home buyers.   You really want someone to come along, fall in love with your house and offer you boatloads of money for it, but this requires that people actually come into your home and look at things.  They open the closets and drawers, use the bathrooms, pick up decorative objects for reasons known only to themselves and things like that.  It feels really, really weird to have people in your house when you’re not there.  There’s a very high ick factor involved.

There’s also the logistical problem of scheduling showings, while still trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life for yourself.  Take yesterday for example.   Someone wanted to come back for a second look (they’d made an offer, which I countered and they wanted to come back before they responded).  They were supposed to be there between 5:45 and 7:00 pm.  You know, dinner time.  So, I made everything pretty and hightailed it to the Wegmans cafe, where I read the paper and nursed a cup of coffee.  Then I got a call that they were running late and wouldn’t be out before 7:30.

When I got home, I was starving, so I started dinner.  Just as dinner was ready, I got a call that they wanted to come back for a third look.  <insert bigasseyeroll here>  Well, dinner was soup and salad.  I had a bowl of soup sitting there that was way too hot to eat and I had to vacate the house in 5 minutes.   I was really, really hungry and didn’t want to wait till 8:45 to eat, so I put a cover on the soup bowl, headed to the car, drove to a local strip mall and sat in the car eating my soup.  I think I can safely say that I’ve never eaten soup in the car before.  I don’t recommend it.

Oh, and no word yet from the indecisive ones.


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It’s a sign

A For Sale sign.  In my yard.  That’s the reason I haven’t posted here in a while.  I’ve been getting the house ready to go on the market.  I’ve watched way too many of those shows on HGTV on how to sell your house, so I know the value in fixing things up.  I had the outside of the house cleaned, all the gardens got new mulch (oh, my aching back), there’s new carpet in about half the house and boring, inoffensive paint in the master bedroom.  It’s so clutter-free around here, it doesn’t seem like a human lives here.   It just seems weird to fix things up to get ready to leave the house.

University of Delaware is about 60 miles from my current home.  That’s not a huge distance in the overall scheme of things, but the commute would involve 3 of the worst roads in the area for traffic tie-ups.  Depending on when I leave, it could take more than an hour and half each way.  I decided that 3+ hours on the road every day I have to be on campus (which would be most days) is too much.  I’d rather spend the time reading, writing and generally doing something productive.

So, I have to move.  Right now, that idea makes me sad.  I like my house a lot and I’ve done a lot to make it me.  I like my town and I like that I know where things are and the back ways to get places without hitting too much traffic.  I know the best place for strawberries (willowcreekorchards.com if you’re in the area), the little local pet food store (http://perkvalleypeteatery.com/) and the gas station that’s easiest to get to and usually the cheapest.  I like my doctors, my vet, my plumber, my YMCA, stuff like that.  I’ve lived within about a 5 mile radius for almost 22 years.  That’s a long time.

Of course, part of my ambivalence about moving is tied up with being more than a little bit nervous about going back to school.  Putting the house on the market is one of those really definitive steps towards that goal, which makes it just that much more real.  Then there’s the anxiety about the selling process itself.  It’s such a royal pain to keep the house ready to show on a moment’s notice.

But, I’m looking to the future.  That’s what this whole thing is about anyway, right?  I’ll get to discover the new best places to go for things.  I’ve already been educated about the best ice cream place, so I’m all set there.  Newark is a nice little town/city and, as a college town, there are a lot of little hole-in-the-wall restaurants, coffee places, bookstores and boutiquey little places.  That’ll be fun to explore.  A new place where I don’t have to track down a plumber if the drain clogs (just call maintenance!) or fuss with the yard has a real appeal these days.   So, on to new places and the joys of exploration!

A little house-selling mojo would be greatly appreciated, too.

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